Leak/Contaminant Detector

Leak and Contaminant Detector Systems

Don't risk your business by relying on the "sniff test"

New CapSnap Wash System

The key to your business is clean water. That requires clean bottles. CapSnap Equipment has an effective and efficient solution to making sure your water bottles are as clean as clean can be. Our line of contaminant detectors helps ensure that your bottles are clean and contaminant free before they head into the wash process.

CapSnap contaminant detectors detect odors from a large range of contaminants, including hydrocarbons, nitrogen-based contaminants, chemicals and cleaning products, and can be combined with a leak detector to detect fine cracks and holes as small as 0.015 inches. They come with one to seven heads and have the potential to process more than 3,000 bottles per hour. They reduce labor costs, promote safety and add consistency by eliminating human sniffing.


Find leaks, dangerous chemicals, and other problems beforehand

•Leak and Contaminant Detectors can be sold separately or combined into one unit
•Models range from 1-head to 7-head design to process from 400 to 3,400 bottles per hour
•Detects fine cracks and holes as small as 0.015” (0.38mm)
•PLC/HMI and programming
•Reject and bottle stop included
•Controls included
•Detects odors from a large range of possible contaminants including hydrocarbons (gas and oil) and nitrogen-based contaminants

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Electrical Compressed Air
120V/1Ph/60Hz* 90 PSI

Approximate Overall Dimensions

Heads Sizes
1-Head 32"L x 37"W x 71"H
2-Head 62"L x 48"W x 98"H
3-Head 83"L x 48"W x 98"H
4-Head 74"L x 75"W x 86"H
5-Head 88"L x 75"W x 86"H
6-Head 96"L x 75"W x 86"H

Product Video

Watch our Leak and Contaminant Detector in Action.

This video shows a demonstration of a combined Contaminant and Leak Detector.

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