CapSnap™ Valuline

An Effective Bottling Solution for 150-300 BPH

The Valuline is a modular integrated bottle washing, filling, and capping system. It is the perfect solution for smaller HOD water bottling operations. This complete system effectively handles 150 to 300 BPH.



Valuline Features

•Programable Logic Controller Human-Machine Interface (PLC/HMI)
•Manual load
•Automatic unload/inversion mechanism
•Single-head automatic filler
•Automatic capper
•Cap chute
•Automatic cap application
•Clean-focused pressure blower and dust filtration

System Options

Semi-automatic decapper
Overhead 500 cap hopper/pre-feeder
Power conversion for compatability
Ozonation for sanitation
Leak detector
Process heater

Valuline Video

Watch our Valuline in Action