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The Longest Lasting HOD Bottle Washers in the Industry

We offer the best HOD bottle washers in the industry. From small, manual systems fully automated systems, our washers are the best in class. Every aspect of our machines is built to last. We design our machines to eliminate down time and keep you running at your max capacity each day.


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Wash and Sanitize Water Bottles


CapSnap™ offers three lines of bottling systems that wash, rinse, and sanitize the bottles. From 150 BPH all the way to 3,000 BPH, we have an equipment solution for you. Learn more about our line of washers.


The ValuLine™ Water Bottling System is our solution for bottlers that produce up to 300 bottles per hour. It is an affordable system that is designed to meet the needs of lower volume bottlers or operations that have a need for a lower volume bottling solution within their operation.

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The Adapta™ Water Bottling System can be upgraded in one day with expansion kits from CapSnap™ Water Bottling Equipment. A wide array of optional add-ons and accessories make the Adapta™ Water Bottling System a highly versatile and powerful water bottling system solution.

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The PortaPlant™ is a durable solution. With the customary add-on features available from CapSnap™ Equipment, you can outfit your PortaPlant™ water bottling system to fulfill all the tasks you require, such as washing, sanitizing, filling, and capping your water bottles.

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External Prewasher

Washer Features

•Internal and external spray patterns and nozzles to maximize coverage
•Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and touch screen
•Cannister solution filtration
•Sloped floor in wash and rinse tanks
•Safe design to protect pinch points
•Solution- and water-level monitoring in all tanks
•Inlet protection to pumps
•Convenient single-point drain
•Rinse and sanitizing options
•Catch cap plugs
•LED lights

System Options

Ethernet modem for factory-plant diagnostics
Bottle sanitization
Solution heaters
Pressure monitoring to improve life of bottles

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