C5 Capper

Our adjustable C5 Capper can process up to 3,000 bottles per hour.

C5 Capper Features:

  • Presser-belt cap sealing for 55mm press on caps
  • Cap lubrication mechanism
  • Processes up to 3,000 BPH
  • Stainless steel componentry throughout
  • Spinner bowl to orient caps into correct position
  • Adjustable rod-style open cap chute for easy cleaning
  • Overhead hopper with vibrator and low-level switch
  • Air regulators at presser-belt and cap-chute foot

C5 Capper System Options:

  • Multiple size bottle adjustability for 3 (11.36L), 4 (15.14L), 5 (18.9L), 6 (22.7L) Gallon bottles with a standard diameter of 10.75”(273.05mm)
  • Fiber-optic sensors for cap-present sensing and no cap alarm
  • Cap chute UV lamp
  • Ionic cap de-dusting mechanism
  • Floor-level hopper with elevator (various tub sizes available)