Contaminant Detection

Contaminant Detector

A variety of inspection equipment is available to complete your CapSnap line and further automate your processes.

System Features:

  • Detect odors from a large range of possible contaminants:
  • Hydrocarbons (gas, oil, etc.)
  • Nitrogen based contaminants
  • Chemicals and cleaning products
  • Can be combined with a Leak Detector to detect fine cracks and holes as small as 0.015" (0.38mm)
  • PLC and HMI controls
  • Reject and bottle stop included


Sniffer Module

System Benefits:

  • Cost effective solution for bottling lines:
  • Reduce labor, promote safety and add consistency by eliminating human sniffing
  • Reduce downtime and loss of production by keeping contaminants out of your wash process
  • Adjustable for multiple bottle heights
  • High sensitivity sampling system provides fast and accurate results
  • Analysis rates exceed 3,000 containers/hour
  • Models range from 1-head to 7-head design to process up to 3,100 bottles per hour