DC100 Manual Decapper

The all stainless steel DC100 manual de-capping solution works like a bottle opener and can be used anywhere in a water bottling facility.

The CapSnap DC100 Manual Decapper provides a decapping solution for water bottlers that do not wish to purchase a fully automatic or semi-automatic decapping machine. For water bottling operations looking for an inexpensive and reliable upgrade from removing caps purely by hand, the hand-held DC100 DeCapper can be used to improve the decapping process.

The DC100 Manual Decapper can also be used as a back-up for situations when the automatic decapper in your facility is not functioning properly.

DC100 Manual Decapper Features:

  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Works like a Bottle Opener
  • Mounts to Uni-Strut
  • Mounting Hardware Included (Uni-Strut not included)
  • Can be Placed Anywhere in the Factory
  • Use as an Emergency Back-up for your Automatic Decapper
  • Works Great for Inpection or Reject Stations