PortaPlant Water Bottling System

All stainless steel construction makes the PortaPlant™ a durable solution for any water bottling operation. With the customary add-on features available from CapSnap Equipment, you can outfit your PortaPlant™ water bottling system to fulfill all the tasks you require, such as washing, rinsing, sanitizing, filling, and capping your water bottles.

PortaPlant™ Water Bottling Systems Features

  • Capacities from 750 to 3000+ bottles per hour
  • Built for high production and top efficiency
  • Automatic washing, rinsing, sanitizing, filling and capping
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Low water consumption washer design
  • Many accessories available to provide true turn-key water bottling solutions

PortaPlant™ Technical Specifications

  • Automatic load and unload mechanisms from washer
  • Customizable wash sequencing of pre-wash, wash, rinse, and sanitization to meet your requirements
  • 3 to 14 head fillers with many options available
  • Independent capper with overhead hopper, feeder, chute, presser belt and controls
  • PLC/HMI with touch screen operator control system
  • Inverter duty conveyor motors (can add optional VFD to control speed)
  • Multi-level float devices in wash tanks
  • Sloped floors in washer tanks with marine-style clean-out doors
  • Device-Net communication system
  • Standard Allen Bradley electrical componentry
  • Standard SMC pneumatic packages

PortaPlant™ Optional Equipment

  • Built-in bottle pre-wash with filtered recirculation to minimize water consumption (requires minimum 12 station washer)
  • Customized heating solutions for wash water: electric, steam, natural gas, LPG
  • Customized with wash / rinse / sanitize stages based on your requirements
  • Completely customized turn-key systems can be designed and built to your specifications and requirements