DC1800 Automatic DeCapper

The CapSnap DC1800 Automatic Inline DeCapper is the fully automatic, top quality solution for large water bottling operations.

For the DC1800 Automatic DeCapper, 2, 3, and 4 head designs are also available to run at speeds up to 3,000 BPH

DC1800 Automatic DeCapper Features:

  • Automatically removes caps from bottles on a conveyor line
  • 1-head to 4-head models can de-cap up to 3,000 bottles per hour
  • Cap present sensor at bottle inlet to detect a cap or let uncapped bottles pass through
  • Dual-jaw setup to remove most caps from most bottles on today's international market
  • Air blow-off into chute where the caps can be captured for recycling
  • Bottle backup sensor included
  • Can be integrated into system or as an add-on to existing system. As an add-on, the de-capper will come with independent controls and PLC/HMI
  • Can be built to conveyor height requirements

In-line De-Capper Options:

  • Multiple size bottle adjustability
  • Reject station for failed bottles
  • Various power supply options to match plant requirements
  • Crate/bottle capable